Bethel Dance Class Schedule

Classes will begin the week of September 6th.
To register or for more information please email Bethel Dance at

Please come at least 15 minutes early to register in person at your first class.

All classes are held at Bethel Church in the dance studio located at:
Bethel Church Main Campus, 933 College View Drive, Redding, CA 96003


Dress Code:

Improv & Contemporary – active wear

Ballet – leotard, ballet slippers, tights (any color), hair pulled back

Modern – leotard, yoga pants

Hip Hop – active wear and clean soled sneakers

All classes – No street shoes and No gum chewing


Class Schedule


4:00 pm  Hip Hop (all levels) — Fred Vassallo


6:00 pm  Improv (all levels) — Saara Taina

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm  Beginning Ballet — Gretchen Rodriguez


6:00 pm Intermediate Contemporary — Rachel McAuley


6:00 pm  Beginning Modern — Sandy Andrzejewski

8:00 pm Partnering With The Holy Spirit and Movement — Ann Mack



The new class fee structure is as follows:
(Drop in rate is $15 per class)

Credit card or check accepted.

1 class per week          $45/month
2 classes per week      $75/month
3 classes per week      $85/month
4 classes per week      $105/month
5 classes per week      $120/month


Class Descriptions

All classes are for ages 13 and up.

Partnering With The Holy Spirit and Movement with Ann Mack. This class will teach you to become spiritually aware of yourself and others. To respond to what is happening in the moment. To explore movement through space. It is a class that will at times use points of physical contact such as weight, momentum and touch. It has such endless possibilities and creates stories and choreography without words. This class is open to dancers and non dancers alike.

Hip Hop (all levels) with Fred Vassallo starts with the fundamentals emphasizing the body as a vessel for God’s glory. Each week introduces new choreographed routines that feature various forms of Hip Hop Dance including: Break dancing, Popping, Locking and Freestyle. This class is designed for all levels of interest and experience, no prior dance experience required. Dress code for this class is active wear and clean soled sneakers.

Improv (all levels) with Saara Taina will instruct you how to tap into the creative heart beat of Heaven and dance from a place of deep connection with God. The class is a mix of worship dance, intercessory dance and exploratory movement. No prior dance experience required. Dress code for this class is active wear.

Beginning Ballet with Gretchen Rodriguez will impart the fundamentals of classical ballet using the Vaganova technique. Class will focus on basic ballet technique, proper body alignment, terminology and musicality. Students will be introduced to elementary barre and center work. Ballet is an ideal way to build technique and form while laying a foundation for advanced levels and other genres of dance. No prior dance experience required. Dress Code for this class is ballet slippers, leotard, tights with dance skirt or ballet shorts and hair pulled back. 

Intermediate Contemporary with Rachel McAuley is for those with dance experience at an intermediate level and will focus on choreographed pieces set to contemporary music and themes. Through Spirit led movement we explore the heart of God, setting what we discover as a piece to develop and enjoy over the course of a few weeks. Dress code for this class is a leotard and tights or dance pants.

Beginning Modern with Sandy Andrejewski starts with the very basics of modern movement to help you lay a foundation for more advanced technique. Class involves warm up and exercises to help you develop your strength, technique and performance. Choreography is introduced. No prior dance experience required. Dress code for this class is a leotard and yoga or dance pants.